Silver Linings

Write about something you consider “ugly” — war, violence,
failure, hatred — but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope,
in your thoughts. – 365 days of writing.

Ok so technically it may now be the 2nd of June whilst I’m writing this, however I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so technically I’m still living through the 1st of June. Oh loopholes, thou are a beauty.

From a young age we’re taught success is key, we’re driven to be the best in the class, first in sports…to get into the right school, the right job, earn a good wage, have 2.4 children while driving them around in a flashy car and living in our mansion. In this highly competitive world, failing to succeed is seen as a weakness, an embarrassment. Overtime you may develop a fear of failure, so crippling in some people it leads to their lives coming to a halt, no further progression in fear that they may fail. I know from experience, the amount of times I have not done something I have wanted to do just because I was afraid of failing.

But so what?

Why is it so wrong to fail? It’s not as if most of these situations are life or death, failure in most circumstances will not lead to your demise.

If failure wasn’t an option, we would never learn, we would never have a chance to understand why something hasn’t worked. If you don’t understand your failures, you’re unable to transform it into success. You’ll continually repeat the same mistake over and over.  Every little failure brings us closer to our end goal. Failure teaches us to become resilient, it gives us that extra boost to fulfil our dreams and goals, without it we would become complacent. Failure keeps us grounded. It prevents our ego from rising into the sky. We’re able to imagine a perspective, that may not have been possible when we were entirely focused on succeeding.

Without failure, we’re not able to grow, to bloom into that beautiful flower we have spent our effort on producing.

Annmarie xoxo


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