Three songs in fifteen minutes

‘Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.’

Thursday – War All The Time

This song transports me back to 2006, my first time abroad. We were on a school trip to Bonn, Germany, it was back in the days when mp3 players could only hold 30 songs. Choosing those songs was the biggest decision of that trip. During the silent pauses on the coach this song would drift on throughout the week. IT wasn’t the happiest of songs, but the passion the singer sung with just made it more powerful. There was something about the drums and passing graffitti ridden walls near motorways that just transported me into my own world. I started that trip only knowing the chorus, but by the end of it could sing it completely.

BOY – Skin

I recently became obsessed with this duo due to a Youtube advert (for once they were useful!). I’ve been trying to get into more European artists, I mean why not support your locals? Plus they tend to be less commercial or overplayed on the radios. The lyrics in this song are quite deep, or at least they are to me. We’re pushed into thinking that the only way to be popular or have fun is to get drunk out of your head, dressed tothe nines, posing for photos to go on Facebook. But at the end of the day wehn away from that scene what is left? Are you actually having a good tiem, or is it the drink talking? I love the break in this song: ‘Hearing your own echoes in the empty staircase And you’re walking through the dark apartment looking for a friendly face Because the polaroid pictures on your fridge won’t do’. The acoustic version is very haunting as well.

He is We – And Run

Ever since someone on Youtube made a comment that the singer sounds like Justin Bieber I haven;t been able to listen to them properly since without getting his urgh face in my head – band ruined for me! I love this song because it sums up my frame of mind currently, I’ve spent so much of my life cowering away from any opportunty to make my life different and now I’m actually gooing for it. That was one of the reasons I joned this challenge, started this blog. It had been something I had wanted to do for ages, but I had been too scared to do so. Same with going places, trying new things. ‘I’m trying to get past this be better than i once was, tired of waiting on someone else i can fix it by myself.’

I have to say when reading this challenge I expected there to be a Maria Mena song here, but I went with the first three that popped into my head. Thought it was going to take me ages to pick a song, I have too many favourites over the years, all of them bring out different emotions or memories.

Annmarie xoxo


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