Birchanger, the place where adverbs go to die

‘Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.’

What does it say about  the English education that I have had to Google what an adverb is? It’s the same when learning French, the explanations are based on the type of tense the verb is. We never learnt the names in school!

‘A medium mocha cookie crumble frappachino please’ I ask stating my name. The test is to see whether they can spell my name or not. No, not this time ‘Ann-Mary’, but it reminds me of the nickname a friend in primary school gave me.

What a difference a day makes! On Friday I was sat here on the embankment, watching my car with the sun scorching my skin. Today I had to rush inside as the rain pounded on my car.

A couple are huddled eat their food together, their surroundings oblivious to them. Whilst a girl tells her father she’s too old for her sippy cup, proceeding to spill juice on herself.

Two twins with perfect French plaits tickle a friend causing him to drop his prized toy car. They glance to see if their mum has caught them in the act, except it’s their father who tells them off. Free from the torturous tickling the boy hides, only for an older boy to catch him. This poor kid can’t catch a break!

A woman drops her purse, she scrambles for her change, as a group of people pass her. A group of business men occupy the previous couples table, a heated discussion relating to work. Anarchy at the children’s table, the boy is no longer the only victim. It’s dog eat dog, everyone is tickling each other, not even the parents are safe.

As I leave the service station, the sky blackens I wonder how much worse can the weather get?

Annmarie xoxo


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