Next chapter of your life

‘Today, write a post with roots in a real-world conversation. For a twist, include foreshadowing.’

Yesterday I worked the general Open Day at Uni, it’s crazy how time has past so quickly, I was in that position 4 years ago. Although with being vertically challenged many think I am a first/second year. It’s weird to see how parent orientated the open days have become. In fairness I did go to some of them with my mum if not with a friend, I was too social inept to do so alone.

One situation that did surprise me was one parent was going through the module catalogue to decide which ones her son could take. Surely it’s their choice, their education? Or did the son know there was no point arguing when he was free to choose once at University? It makes you think how are they going to survive once they have moved to University and have to fend for themselves. Although there are people I know my age who still expect the world to be free even though we’re adults and everyone should meet their every need. One day people will grow up…I guess.

 Annmarie xoxo


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