World’s Best Diet

No, this is not me proclaiming to have the best diet. Last night I watched Worlds Best Diet (Watch on 4oD)being an avid viewer of Food Unwrapped I was sad enough to put this in my diary so I would remember it was on TV.

I did wish the show was a little longer, so we could see a typical weekly shop from each country. I wasn’t particularly surprised to see the USA or the UK near the lower half of the list, nor France, Scandinavia, South Korea or the Mediterranean diets at the top. There were some countries such as the Marshall Islands, I never expected them to have a bad diet, assuming they were still relying on their native diet of generally local produce. Saddened that they now relying on exports of shit, well highly processed food – but you might as well call it shit.

It got me thinking as I went for my weekly shop today, what exactly do I put in my trolley? I tried to keep it to only fresh produce. Surprisingly I ended up spending less money that I usually do, however not everything was fresh: a jar of red thai curry, tin of chopped tomatoes, and this:


I couldn’t help myself! It was limited edition and tastes really nice. But I’m learning everything in moderation – a couple of cubes instead of half of a bar in one day. I’ve taken little steps, having a punnet of grapes in my room so whenever I’m peckish I can graze on those instead of crisps or chocolate (I know I just posted that picture!).

It also has me thinking about our whole eating culture compared to the French. Just yesterday I skipped my lunch break and scoffed down my food in a few minutes at my desk whilst working. I mean usually I’ll go down to the canteen, but was in a meeting. Why do we consider lunchtimes as a small break during the working day, suitable to miss sometimes, and not a whole different affair? A chance to get away from the desk, sit down and have a nice meal, or time to go for a stroll?

Annmarie xoxo


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