Back to basics

Who in England is surprised at how nice it has been the last few days?!

I’ll have another post to show what I got up to yesterday, when I filled Diablo and I with lots of sand.

So a couple days ago my housemate had a barbecue. We then just spent the evening, and much of the night making a fire in the garden and sitting there talking. It was lovely to be outside away from tvs, computers and our phones. Of course it isn’t always practical with our lovely weather (cue the rainstorm this weekend when I’m working outside). But it’s nice to take advantage of it when you can!

Although as much as I love the smell of wood smoke, it is a bugger to get out of your hair, as it then makes me smell like a chronic smoker. Except it’s not as bad as sand… I’ll get to that! It’s a shame we can rid the world of bugs when camping or else I’d love it…asides from the outside toilet thing.

Annmarie xoxo


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