End of a chapter

A chapter in my life came to a close yesterday. I had officially finished and passed my Year in Industry. I had spent the last 12 months (and one week!) away from University, coursework and exams (yay!) and got thrown into the real world for a year.

I actually preferred it. Yes you heard that correctly I preferred working instead of being a student.

I liked that the work I was doing was making a difference, no matter how small. There were a variety of challenges I had to overcome, small bouts of success that I had been trying to overcome for years. I also was thrown in a completely different environment than one I was accustomed to – the Countryside. Now I grew up in the ultimate city and moved to Norwich three years ago, urban life was all that I knew. This year I’ve walked through fields of livestock on my own, herd some cattle, been covered in mud and even peed away from a toilet.

I’ve gained so many skills, made amazing friends who have made me laugh and smile and made an ever lasting impact on me. It was unreal setting my final out-of-office message to say I’d be no longer working there.

You have been absolutely amazing and are a ray of sunshine that will definitely be missed. No need to wish you luck for the future as you are already well equipped with everything you need!

Keep your sense of humour – it may get you into ‘trouble’ but that’s even more fun, ha!!

Who am I going to take the mickey out of now??? Lunch will never be the same! Who’s going to wear the onesie for the next zoo day?

I need chocolate ice cream or cake right now after re-reading some of these messages. 😦

Annmarie xoxo

ps. guess who’s back, back again?


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