Girl Most Likely (2012)

Poster for the film. Have to say the images of Kristen and Annette look like they’re part of the film, the photo of Darren looks like it’s from a photoshoot.

I’ve been trying to broaden my film library over the last few months…because I haven’t seen most famous films. TV shows probably, films not so much.

Girl Most Likely follows the life of Imogene, a failed playwright in New York who is dumped by her fiancé and later loses her job. Leading to her faking a suicide in hopes that her fiancé will return to her. Instead she is forced to return to home to New Jersey and live with her dysfunctional family – a gambling addict mother who is dating a younger guy claiming to be a CIA agent, her younger brother who is sweet but reclusive and lodger Lee a Yale graduate who is in a Backstreet Boys tribute band.


Having watched Bridesmaids and Whip It with Kristen in I expected it to be very comical, especially as it’s listed as a comedy. While I didn’t find it extremely funny, the drama was interesting. It had a very quirky independent feel to it, instead of the usual Hollywood-esque rom-coms. Did love the 90s tribute artists, being a 90s kid. Even watching the start of Glee I always knew Darren had a good voice, it was nice to see that he wasn’t just playing Blaine. Although the part where his and Wiig’s character hook up sort of has a cougar feel to it. I wouldn’t say it was an amazing, must watch film. It was nice to wind down to on a Sunday night.


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