To 23 year old me

Lately I’ve seen lots of ‘what I’d tell my X year old self’ or ‘To my x year old self’, and I find them fascinating. It could be that I’m slightly nosey. But I like see how people grow, or the way a person talks to their older / younger self.

I thought of writing to my 25 year old self, but that’s four years down the line – a lot can change in that time. So I chose 23, two years down the line. The year succeeding my excuse to sing Taylor Swift’s song and it being oh so relatable. (Who’s Taylor Swift anyway?!) Of course to do that I need to get a life…

1. Dude come on, French it up! As Joey says. Of course your French is a lot better than Joey’s, but still there’s a lot of room for improvement. I know you can go weeks without doing any, but if you could just set aside 20 minutes a day who knows where we’ll be!

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Currently having withdrawal from exercise classes and weekly gym sessions. We need to keep that feeling going, building that body strength so whenever someone springs burpees, push ups, crunches on you, you don’t want to move into foetal position and cry.

3. Have a job you enjoy Yes, you don’t know what you want to do. But you know what you don’t want to do, at least that’s a start. Hopefully we’re in a job that makes us happy, because we’ve learnt that is more important than the pay slip at the end of it.

4. Have your own place Somewhere at least you can store the crap you have accumulated over the years. It would be nice if you were financially stable enough to rent your own place, and buy all the homeware you have been lusting after for years.

5. Let go Of all the negativities, but also opening yourself up to lots of new opportunities. Turn off that ruddy brain every so often!

 In the end this just ends up being a long to do list for my current self.

Well I better get started!

Annmarie xoxo


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