Sun is shining the weather is…crap

I was either going to go for Bob Marley or Annie’s ‘The sun will come out [possibly] tomorrow’.

Here’s the obligatory British post about the crappy weather we’re currently having. five minutes later after taking the featured image photo this happened:

I know which one I prefer! The first one looks like bubblewrap in disguise, you want to pop all the little bubbles.

I’ve been trying to plough my way through the huge pile of work, which although is making me feel empowered…isn’t exactly helping with the stress…in fact has made it soar through the roof. I need a day at the spa, or a need to learn yoga or meditation. Because at this rate my blood pressure is going to rise and I’m not going to get any sleep for the next few months.

Can’t believe the news about Robin Williams, I grew up watching his films and he never failed to make me laugh. Rest in peace. I hate how the media is currently trying to psychoanalyse his thoughts. It just goes to show that mental illnesses do not discriminate.

Time to get back to day job! *yaaaay*.

Annmarie xoxo

Edit:// That moment when you finally find a journal relating to your dissertation and it opens up like a whole new doorway FUCK YEAH!!!!!

I want to celebrate… with cake or something.


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