Review: The Rosie Project (Book)

Eleven pages, that’s all it took for me to love this book.

Don Tillman is an Associate Professor of genetics at the University of Melbourne, he is a man who runs a tight schedule, a creature of habit and tends not to beat around the bush. He has traits of Asperger (although not explicitly mentioned, it’s also hinted to him). To fans of The Big Bang Theory he is Sheldon!!

Don wants to get married. To find his wife he creates an elaborate questionnaire, designed to find his perfect wife, and limit social faux pas caused by the highly ineffective world of dating.  However, Rosie a tardy, vegetarian barmaid who smokes is thrown in as a wild card, and Don’s world is suddenly turned upside down. There’s one thing he is sure of though, Rosie is not the one.

I loved this book, I couldn’t put it down. *Spoilers*

The book reminded me a little of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady/Pretty Woman, with the transformation of Don into a suitable partner. However, I loved that Rosie never once wanted to fix Don. She loved him for all of his little quirks. She’s also tough and confidence, and Don and Rosie complement each other in so many ways.

I loved when they were in New York, I really want to travel in that style. Can I have someone like Rosie as a travel buddy please?

One of the interesting things was reading a romantic book written from a man’s perspective, instead of the usual female. I couldn’t help myself fan-girling at moments when I thought Rosie and Don would get together.

Funny enough, if Don was Sheldon, would Rosie then be Penny? Not sure (as much as a love Sheldon and Penny) it would work…Penny would kill him one day…unless Amy caught onto this all first and killed Penny.

Annmarie xoxo


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