A FML kind of journey

I have the worst luck with phones.

If it’s not dropping them in the toilet, or having buttons stop working, it’s accidently kneeling on the screen when it’s hidden under my duvet.

Today my dad asked me to pop to the supermarket to get some things, so I drove to the one out of town as a lot of the stuff he asked for were heavy there’s no way I could carry it all back by myself.

first mistake: taking the direct route to the A road and getting stuck in traffic.

second mistake: thinking I could carry four 2 litre bottles of pop, 2 loafs of bread, 2 trays of cakes, some ham, bag of crisp, chocolate, punnets of fruit, bag of flour and tins of fruit all in one basket. I could feel the handles straining under the weight and was praying it wouldn’t break before I got to the tills.

third mistake: self service tills. Why oh why ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ FOR NEARLY EVERY ITEM!! I thought technology was supposed to help us and not fill us with rage?

Forth mistake: parking upstairs, my poor poor arms.

fifth and vital mistake: not putting the bags in the boot of my car. As I tried to throw one of the heavy bags onto the passenger seat i’d accidently knocked my handbag which swung upside down and my phone and sat nav fell out. RIP phone screen.

sixth mistake: taking an early turning off the A road (not the one I wanted) and having to navigate myself through streets I hadn’t been down since I first learnt to drive 4 years ago.

seventh mistake: being nice in the first place and going out shopping for my family, which caused all of this.

Now I have to find money to replace the screen *cries*. FML

Annmarie xoxo


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