Dear October

It’s that time of the year again,
when the leaves transform into vibrant colours and crunch beneath your feet,
when you beat the sun before it rises in the mornings,
but it forgets to stay to guide you on your way home.

The rain and wind becomes familiar after the heat,
when you gamble with mother nature, do I wear a coat or not?
when the petrichor scent rises from the ground,
how refreshing is it to be awoken from the summer lull.

The countdown to December commences,
when we get closer to the Winter Solstice,
when the shortest day of the year arrives, incidentally also my birthday,
the first of winter, the season I dread the most.

I’m sorry October,
whenever I reach you, life becomes chaotic,
time starts to hasten and you become a blur amidst the deadlines,
you disappear as soon as you start.

But all is not lost October,
when you arrive you bring an air of reflection,
when there’s still a chance to make a change to the year,
and that is why you’re important to me October.

Annmarie xoxo


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