Now I know a post has been well overdue for the last month, however let me explain!

Until the 2nd of September I didn’t have internet. I thought I’d be a smart cookie and use my phone as a personal hotspot to tie me over before that, but when you’re catching up on GBBO via your phone your unlimited data allowance doesn’t seem so unlimited anymore.

Four days later I was whisked away for the start of University by going to West Ireland for two weeks, to study rocks! We set off from Norwich at 15:30 and arrived in Connemara at 10am. Baring in mind most of us had been up since the morning spending an all nighter on a coach and ferry isn’t ideal. I tried to sleep, I remember drifting off somewhere along the M4, only to be rocked away by the coach at our first stop of the day a petrol station in Galway. Maybe planning to have breakfast on a Sunday morning at 8am when shops aren’t open wasn’t the best plan.

As we moved away from civilisation, there was the sudden realisation that we were in a very mountainous area which doesn’t bode well for someone scared of heights. The roads started to bend around the landscape as we moved towards Killary Harbour. I’ve never been one to get travel sick, but sitting above the rear wheel meant I felt every bump and sway and at that moment I was wishing to be back in gentle landscape I had become accustomed to being confined to Norfolk for a year.

IMG_1978We did see some fantastic rock outcrops over the two weeks, and were even given a tour of inside a cave!


Time for some rock porn – gotta love me some folded marble

Since being back I’ve been trying to get my project back on track. I’ve signed up for a few part time jobs, one which starts on Tuesday, joined a sports club. Did all the things I said I wanted to do every year but chickened out. So far? It hasn’t been that scary or daunting.

I’ve missed this little place, don’t worry I won’t be disappearing again any time soon.

Annmarie xoxo


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