21 day challenge

Eric Thomas (ET) videos are so inspiring, whenever I listen to them I feel like I can power through everything.

So for the next 21 days, I’m taking on his 21 day challenge, where you challenge yourself to give 120% for 21 days to achieve a goal. Now I know the next month for me is pretty hectic, I’ve got deadlines, applications and responsibilities. The only way I’ll get through all of that is by working as hard as possible to get everything done, without going insane / kidnapping the sheep so they can’t jump over fences.

So my goal? To not miss any opportunities and just do it. Instead of getting caught up in what should have / would have / could have happened. To make it harder for myself I have to create a list of 6 main tasks I want to complete that day, when I complete one task I’ll have then ticked off 20% of my day off, all six = 120% !

On another note, currently listening to a playlist on Spotify called Walking Like A Badass. Although I’m not walking, I do feel slightly badass. As badass as you can get cooped up under bed in your jammies reading journals about pilot schemes, while drinking a cup of tea. That right there is the epitome of badass.

Annmarie xoxo


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