Thank you for your kindness

Today I was heading into Uni, dressed quite smart as I was going to a grad scheme workshop. As I wasn’t sure who was leading it thought it was best to look smart just in case.

Cue me leaving the house and trying to cycle in.

Somehow my chain, not only got stuck between the cog and the frame, it had also looped around itself. Now I know nothing about bikes, until a few months ago I didn’t even know how to ride one. So I was just trying to move the chain around and was just failing and getting mud and grease all over my hands…baring in mind I had 20mins before I had to get to the workshop.

This man who was walking along the pavement at the time stopped and helped me, had he not I would have been still struggling. Then to top it off he noticed my hands were bleeding (I hadn’t even noticed) and so he handed me a whole pack of tissues to try and clean myself up / stop the bleeding.

I was so touched that he would help a random stranger, thank you, you made my day just with your kindness.

Annmarie xoxo


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