tea running through my veins

Lately I’ve been feeling very British.

Most of my life I have hated hot drinks, it must have been all those years my mum tried to make my brother and I drink Milo or Ovaltine. It wasn’t until I was at a FSC in Dorking in Year…12? that I had started liking hot chocolate. Now it’s my go to during the harsh British winters.

One thing University has introduced into my life, (asides from a new level of stress that I didn’t know existed), is tea! (may have accidentally typed thé at first) It’s been my lifeline during those early morning hours that I have to stay up till doing uni work. Now I’m a night owl, but usually when I stay up late for pleasure it usually involves reading or playing The Sims or watching TV.

Any one care to guess how I’m going to be spending my evening/early morning tonight?*

*Yep, stuck behind my laptop with my textbooks and notes staring at a blank screen.

At least tomorrow is pizza, pumpkin carving and film night in celebration of Halloween! I’m such a hardcore student…I have to drive on Saturday!!

On a lighter note, I’m hoping to take part in NaBloPoMo next month.

Annmarie xoxo


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