this is Halloween

20141101-001743-1063270.jpgIt’s crazy how quickly October has passed, it feels like it was only yesterday when October was starting, four weeks later it’s November tomorrow. Scary!!

I’m proud with myself today, I did a presentation with no prepared script, no prompters. 10 minutes of on the spot talking in front of an audience, my voice didn’t crack, I didn’t shake. I’d been dreading this, lost sleep over it. In the end the series of bad scenarios I’d concocted in my head didn’t come true. me 1 – scumbag brain 0.

Usually Halloween time is birthday time for my family, being at Uni has meant that I’ve experienced sides of Halloween I had never before. Dressing up, and this time carving a pumpkin. Something my mum has monopoly over when at home. Halloween always reminds of when my mum would make witches that she’d hang from the ceiling from old tights and newspaper, or the flashing pumpkin and Frankenstein that with the addition of their battery pack would always fall from the ceiling no matter how much blutac was used to hold it up. The combination of candlelit pumpkin and birthday cake on the dining table.

Tonight I also saw Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. Or at least I think it’s the first time, we have the VHS of it at home, which makes me think we must have seen it when we were really young.

Off to the coast tomorrow!

Annmarie xoxo


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