when I grow up, I want to be [x]

You know when you were a kid, people would always ask what you wanted to be? I don’t recall ever having an answer (maybe musician was the closest thing). Even throughout school I never really had that end goal in mind, a part from going to University and getting the hell away from my old life. Now I’m coming to the end of University I feel like I’m supposed to have figured it all out.

I’ve yet to have that day job that makes waking up in the morning a pleasant thing, in fact the only time I’ve ever been excited to wake up early was on Christmas Day or when my parents would take us to LEGOLAND (of course trying to keep it a secret, except little me was a smart cookie and knew every time we were driving through Kew we’d be on our way out to Windsor).

I did try to think of what I’d like in a career a couple of weeks ago, but I wouldn’t say I was any further into it now. I mean I love reading and watching TV, except when doing a science degree it feels as though that’s something to be ashamed of? I love being creative, I can’t help it. I like helping people. I hate the dog eat dog culture or cut throat nature that is associated with being successful (I like watching The Apprentice, but if I ever had to work in an environment like that, I’d rather starve). I love exercise, especially that sore have-to-crawl-up-or-down-the-stairs-its-the-only-way feeling after a good workout, or when your team wins a game. I like food and cooking. I love travelling, being in beautiful environments, both natural and built up, wandering through the unknown. I enjoy writing. I know I’ll never be an author or journalist. But there’s something about putting ink to paper / fingers to keys. I like to make people smile, or laugh. Although this tends to be at my own expense, what can I say I’m altruistic. I’m always willing to learn and grow. Put myself into uncomfortable situations and slowly prove I can do it.

Hopefully in the next few months I’ll find an answer.

Annmarie xoxo


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