Prepare for two instalments (Fought for a good minute there as it tried to autocorrect into the US version) of Photography 101 tomorrow, as I know exactly where I want to shoot for ‘street’ I just didn’t have the time today to walk 25 mins there, shoot and walk back because….

I’ve been stuck doing pyschometic tests today for grad schemes, fuuuunnnn! I can now remember the exact reason why I had dropped Maths after GCSEs, although had I not dropped it, it wouldn’t have been such a problem over the last…four years. Then took all my stress out on the poor ball when playing table tennis today as part of the inter-school competition. Let’s just say table tennis = not really ENVs thing.

Now to eat 0.20% of my body weight in the form of this lovely thing after the stress of today!

Snuggle up to my hot water bottle, continue reading my book and then sleeeeep! I promise, tomorrows entries will actually be worth reading.

exhausted Annmarie xoxo


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