Time flies

Without a photo101 challenge today I’ve been trying to rattle my brains all day for a post idea.

This week has been odd, I’ve spent more time up on the north norfolk coast than I have in my own house, or norwich/uni. I’ve spoken to many different people, taken a leap out of my comfort zone on a daily basis.

It’s crazy that it’s already the second week in November. Where have the weeks, even months go? Even today after getting home I ended up getting absorbed in my book not realising that it’s past midnight!

Annoyingly whilst at work a pen stopped working so I popped it in my coat (which I’ve only had for 2 weeks) until I found a bin…. Only for the pen to explode in my pocket all over my keys, iPod, gloves. However I do now have a free chipped manicure where the ink stained my nails


Annmarie xoxo


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