Another year older

Since Monday I’ve been 22! Do I feel any older? Not particularly. (Note to self change about me page).

When I was a teenager I always looked up to people in their twenties assuming they had their lives figured out and it was always one big episode of Friends. Well I now know the former isn’t true, and regardless of age most people don’t have their lives figured out, which is always great to think about when you’re faced with looking for your first job of your ‘career’.

There are some negatives of being a Christmas baby, *ahem ‘birthday’ Santa visited me this year*

20141227-175711-64631186.jpgbut one positive is that my birthday is so close to the end of a Georgian year, that a year of my life is the same as a calendar year. Here’s a few things I’ve learnt in reflection over the last year.

Being independent does not mean you can’t ask for help
I’ve always been stubborn when it comes to asking for help. I’ve always seen myself as being independent, not wanting to rely on others to get things done, to try and overcome hurdles myself to prove that I was strong. I saw asking for help from others to be a sign of weakness.

It wasn’t until this year I really grew up. Realised how ridiculous that notion was. If people are willing to help you, it shows how much they care about you and they also want you to succeed.

Distancing yourself from loved ones doesn’t help
When things get tough, it’s very easy to distance yourself from everything to help you cope. But pushing yourself away from others only adds to the list of your problems once the previous one has been solved. Having others there to lend an ear, to help with problems, be your coach or to distract you entirely are key.

New Years resolutions are pointless
When I was a teenager I would write a New Years resolution list, seal it in an envelope and open it the next year to see how many of those things I had achieved. Who wants to guess how many of those I had actually completed? The last couple of years I’ve abandoned New Years resolutions, and chosen to make changes because I’ve wanted to. Because I’ve felt the need to make them regardless of when it has been during the year, and have not given myself a timeframe to complete them. The previous times I’ve made those resolutions had been when I wasn’t committed to the change.

Be yourself
I’ve found that the most cliché phrase to be true. I made some great friends over the year, by being myself completely. The cheeky sense of humour, the crazy curly hair and painted nails. The creative, passionate and caring person. If it meant that some people didn’t like me, then their loss not mine. I’ve given up caring whether someone would like me or not, helps to free your mind for other tasks.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas holiday!
What epiphanies have you had this year?
Annmarie xoxo


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