Hindsight: Just like riding a bike

Today’s daily prompt is to rewrite my first blog post.

Rereading that post, I struggle to find anything I would change in hindsight, asides from the indent at the start of each paragraph. That sounds quite cocky doesn’t it?

In fact in hindsight it has made me realise how far I’ve come. From the occasional cycle on a multi-use countryside path, to commuting to Uni daily on my trusted bike, and now cycling around Norwich to get to other places. Something I had never planned to do, but had built up the confidence to attempt. Although there have been hiccups – namely doing the tour de Lakenham trying to find the cycle entrance to work and going from being 10 minutes early to 20 minutes late.

My fitness hasn’t been this good since I was at school, and I’m liking the thighs of steel… ok maybe not steel, aluminium? Although whenever I see a hill I internally cry until I’m at the top of it.

I do feel sorry for Diablo though, my trusted friend remains static. I’ve gone from using four wheels daily, to two. I do miss my little sing alongs to the radio though. It would be once I’ve made the switch petrol prices would go under £1.20 wouldn’t it?

Annmarie xoxo


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