Adulthood – It’s a trap!!

I’m not going to lie, when I saw today’s Daily Prompt I thought of the Rugrats show, oh childhood.

The first time I felt really grown up was when I moved away from home to go to University. Once my sister and mum had said goodbye, there was that moment of me being in my room alone. And it finally dawned on me that this was going to be my ‘home’ for the next year.

I wouldn’t say I was completely irresponsible before going to uni, I knew how to cook, do my own washing etc. But I no longer had someone there to get rid of the scary spiders that would invade my room.

I knew I was no longer wrapped in the cotton wool known as London when I was waiting for the bus (in a queue! Who queues in London for a bus?) and had no idea what to say to the bus driver. The last time I had paid for a bus was when I was 11 and I’d give the driver my 40p, then a brilliant person invented the Oyster card (and free travel for under 18s) and then Londoners all let out a sigh of relief knowing that there was one less person they had to interact with during their commute.

I just realised how old I sound when you’d pay 40/70p for a single journey in London and oyster cards did not exist.

Of course there have been new memories since then that have made me realise growing up was a trap all along and these include:

  • renting and dealing with douchebag housemates and landlords
  • taxes
  • MOT and car insurance and the cost of running a car
  • bills
  • shopping for all the boring things such as bog roll
  • Final year dissertation
  • Job hunting

Who else wants to join me in inventing a time machine so we can go back to the days of primary school?

Annmarie xoxo


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