Remember your customer services skills!

Now I know from personal experiences that any job working directly with customers is stressful, and at some points, mind numbingly want-to-throw-the-telephone-and-computer-out-the-window painful. However, at the end of the day when you’re paying for a service or inquiring about something, if the person you’re speaking to doesn’t help you / pisses you off, then you start to lose faith in that company.

1. Do not accuse the customer of lying!
If I can prove that I have previously used a service you offer for free, then don’t accuse me of lying or insult my intelligence. Making me automatically become defensive and now I won’t let the problem slip. (Only for the person to then have to apologise, after asking a colleague to realise they were wrong)

2. Stop outsourcing your call centres!
I’d rather be forced to ring between 9-5pm, or stuck in a longer queue if it means that I can actually speak to someone who understand what I’m saying. It is so frustrating going around in circles trying to get something very trivial sorted, due to a language barrier.

3. Please acknowledge emails.
I just spent the Christmas worried I was going to be charge for an incorrect Council tax bill. Couldn’t get through to the call centres so sent an email…nothing. Rung them today as it was the first day their lines were open again, only to find out it had been sorted the same day as I sent the email. Had you just sent a one sentence replying saying my account had been changed, that problem, wouldn’t have been a problem!!!

Rant over, I may have spent most of the day calling a number of different call centres. Anyone else get pissed of with them?

Annmarie xoxo


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