So in my silence during the past two months and a bit, my life has been pretty chaotic. But with only two essays, two exams and less than two months left of University for life, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

It’s funny how often you can think you won’t be able to do something or are struggling to cope. But find that if you’re determined to do something you will find a way to achieve it. Now the only hurdles left to complete the above is my own mentality. That and this evil wisdom tooth, which will hopefully meet a painless demise after six months of torturing me. I thought wisdom teeth were supposed to bring new found wisdom, not just endless pain?

Today after 3 months of no exercise (due to metatarsalgia), except from cycling into Uni each day I decided I was going to try and run a 5k within 30 minutes…because why not go the upper limit as opposed to say 2 or 3k! I was 450 metres from getting it within minutes (the extra 70m were from the cool down) 😦 Gutted. But I hit the mental wall close to 2k so I’m surprised I doubled the length from that! Definitely going to try running more often now, I’ve missed it, and definitely want to beat my time/distance.

As for my new years resolutions three months in:

1) Still keeping up with the Q&A a day, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the responses to questions change with each year.
2) Er… may still be on book 1! I blame University work, where I’ve struggled to find time to sleep let alone read anything that isn’t a textbook or journal article. But I still have lots of time to catch up.
3 and 4) still struggling to do these, as with two, University is stealing all my time. But with no coursework extensions amounting and less contact hours it should be easier…she says. Instead of filling the jar I’ve been more open with friends, after all a problem shared is a problem halved.

How is this supposed to be ‘spring’?

IMG_1190Stereotypical British weather huh? Hail, rain and wind.

Annmarie xoxo 


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