I have no self control

I have constantly been craving chocolate all week, like really craving it. Possibly because I haven’t gone home this Easter and therefore missing my constantly supply of chocolate: mini eggs, Easter eggs, cream eggs. As well as the Easter egg mugs. Or it’s probably because it’s the forbidden food by my dentist while my wisdom tooth is having a rave in my mouth.

So I treated myself in the midst of journal reading and essay writing to make triple chocolate cookies! *drools*

Triple Chocolate Cookies You know when something is so bad, it’s good? I may have ate all eight in one sitting, serves six my arse!

Now if only I wasn’t such an old person who ate porridge for breakfast instead of corn flakes/rice crispies etc. and could have also made chocolate nests.

In other news, I was really lucky to not only get tickets to the Radio 1’s Big Weekend for Saturday, but also Sunday! 😀 After seven years of trying, I finally get to go one of their Big Weekends. Which happens to be occurring right next to our University as well. Couldn’t ask for a better way to finish my degree.

Happy Easter!
Annmarie xoxo


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