Thou shall have a fishy, on a little dishy

*Cue flashbacks to the Young’s advert*

I love how nowadays it’s still bright at half seven and we even were blessed with a blue sky today. Where am I? ‘Cause it clearly isn’t England!
One of the days of Easter I’ve never been too fond of is Good Friday. I HATE fish. My mum is adamant we eat fish on Good Friday (baring in mind we aren’t even religious!!). And I protest, and I complain, every year. What did I do this year when away from home? With no mum to force fish upon me.

Good Friday Meal

I made fish. I caved. Please don’t think of me any less, we all have moments of weakness.
I was in the supermarket and thought why not? I poached some smoked haddock in milk, accompanying it with some garlic mushrooms and this red pepper and mozzarella flatbread that was reduced (and big enough for two meals – double win). I have to admit it wasn’t painful, or horrible. Although the garlic mushrooms were on point (if I say so myself), and helped to bring the fish to life.

Happy Easter!
Annmarie xoxo


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