What cartoon character would you be?

Yes I am just going to skirt around the inactivity, and the list of blog posts I want to write to bring you this….gem.

The past two days I was part of a graduates careers workshop. It was really fun, I even got out of my comfort zone/hermit rock and did a bit of the old networking.

One activity we did was interview each other, and some of the questions we had to ask each other were designed to be curve balls. And boy did I get a curve ball. Here I am just finishing explaining how I worked as part of a team to make a decision, and then BAM ‘If you had to describe yourself as a cartoon character, who would you be, and why?’. 

cue deer in the headlights moment where I forget I spent most of my childhood watching all the cartoons. Think at that moment I should have said Courage, the cowardly dog. What is the first cartoon that comes to mind?


Yup, Popeye, not even Olive, Popeye.

My quick and witty reasoning to break the laughs and silence? He eats healthy, is strong, good at problem solving and likes helping and saving people. So in hindsight, I did choose a character that was pretty close to home.

So now I put the question to whomever is reading this: what cartoon character would you be, and why?

What happened to that person who wrote this blog? Annmarie xoxo


3 thoughts on “What cartoon character would you be?

    1. It’s a sadly a legitimate interview question, I can’t remember what company it was from. It didn’t have to be a human, so snoopy would have been accepted! It was just a little awkward when every other girl in the room named a disney princess….and then I went with popeye

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