I’m going to be graduating!

Four years ago I uprooted myself from London to go to University, 200 miles away to a city (county even) I had never been to to study at a University I would know no one at, and I have no regrets.

But could still find home in some places.
But could still find home in some places.

Although there have been highs and lows throughout the journey I have learnt so much about myself, the real world, and academically. I’ve pushed myself time and time again through situations where I originally couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, or into completely new challenges beyond my comfort zone. I took the plunge to start getting help for mental health issues, one of the, if not the scariest thing I have done. Opening myself up, releasing an eight year burden. I have made lots of great friends, and got involved in different clubs and societies, and numerous jobs. This year was the hardest, hence the disappearing acts and months of inactivity. But I’m so proud that I conquered every hurdle placed before me, with humour and sarcasm still in tact.

Now on to the job hunt, dress hunt for graduation and into the real world after 19 years of education! Not sure if it was excellent timing, that as soon as I typed that the skies opened and started hailing…

Annmarie xoxo


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