one week in!

*awaiting for photos of my graduation to share*

It’s been a week since I left Norwich indefinitely. Now a graduate to the rest of the world, I can no longer do certain things and just use being a student as an excuse. I thought the idea of coming home, living with my parents are four years of fun and freedom was going to be a nightmare. So far so good.

In fact within this week I’ve probably been more productive than I had been in the last month in Norwich (again, can’t use being a student as an excuse). Between applying for jobs, learning French and trying to fit four years of new shit into one room it’s helped my mentality. seriously I don’t remember buying that much each academic year….but then I look at my bank account and that disagrees with me.

Part of me was worried I would come back and immediately relapse into my teenage self and run away from everything in fear. But it looks like I permanently achieved some form of change over the last few years. And it’s something I can be proud of.

It is of course only the first week

Annmarie xoxo


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