songs stuck on repeat

yes I am lacking ideas, what gave that away?

Ever since we were little my mum always had a rule that either the TV or radio had to be on in the background no matter what. ‘only old people sit in silence’ was her saying, not mine. But it’s stuck, I always have music playing whenever possible. Or, it’s just too quiet. I always find it inspiring or motivating.

Lately I’ve had these songs stuck on repeat:

I’d originally heard the Kygo remix (also really good), when it came on on a Spotify playlist I was listening to when at the gym. But I prefer the original, there’s something mystical about it.

I like most had originally heard this song because it was (and still is) a reoccurring advert on Youtube for Unilever. The first time I heard it, it just gave me goosebumps.

I can’t remember what this was a recommendation from, but it was definitely on the sidebar of another video and I thought, why not? Don’t regret that decision at all! Especially as I’ve had to recently burn bridges to friendzone land. Definitely would recommend listening to their ‘radio station’ on Spotify to find songs similar to this as it opened up many new songs to me.

I keep hearing this song whenever I’m driving. I love the original and was a huge fan of Liberty X’s cover back in the day. (Can’t believe that 12 years ago! The days of Popstars and Nasty Nigel, in the days before Simon Cowell reined every singing talent show). Especially love the bridge of the song, and can’t believe the singer is only 14!!!

What songs are you currently hooked on?

Annmarie xoxo


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