typical brit talking about the weather

This morning was the first chilly autumn morning (well the first one I’ve been awake for). There’s something about being awake for the sun rising, which is a lot easier during autumn/winter! Although I guess I usually would see the sun rise in the summer when I was at uni burning the midnight oil and going to sleep when the birds are starting to chirp away.

Surprisingly after my rant/panic last week about becoming an early bird, waking up at four in the morning hasn’t been that bad. Driving at six in the morning to different sideroads however, has been a case of:

*sat nav saying to turn onto side road in x amount of yards*
*starts to glance in that direction to see an opening*
ooo sideroad
nope someones driveway
ok….sideroad now?
nope another driveway
ok that’s gotta be the sideroad
nope just more driveways!!!
*suddenly sees opening to sideroad*
shiiiiiit braaaaaake!!!!
phew, just about saved that!

And then as you drive home in the daylight you notice how easy the road layout is…when you can see it.

You can probably tell in a bid to stick to BEDO and also think of something to write in 10 minutes before bed, I am really scraping the barrel.

Annmarie xoxo


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