wanderlust (Europe edition)

Even though I love learning about different countries and cultures, I’m not well travelled at all, I’d love to go travelling… I just need some money.

I thought I’d restrict this list to Europe only, as it’s more realistic adventure.

1. Norway


(Subconsciously typed Norwich there by accident). I’ve been slightly obsessed, just a tad…with Norway since I fell in love with Maria Mena. I mean I’ve always wanted to visit every Scandinavian country, but I now want to go even more just to see her live. I’d love to see the fjords, even though studying glaciation was the bain of my life during AS Geography. The dramatic views, and if possible the northern lights.

2. France


I mean technically I’ve been to France before, I’ve travelled through it on school trips to Germany and Belgium. I guess I’ve even walked in it when the coach stopped at Cité Europe on the way back to Calais. One of the many reasons I’d love to visit France is that I’m currently trying to learn French, and where better to practice what I’ve learnt? To experience the French culture, especially the food (and wine!). To visit Paris, but also the sunny south.

3. Netherlands


Now that I can ride a bike, I’d love to go cycling through Amsterdam, and not have to worry I’m going to die like in England. I’d also love to see the similarities between the Netherlands and Norfolk. I chose this photo because it reminded me of the Norfolk Broads with the windmills dotted along the flat landscape for miles.

4. Italy


First country on the list that has a warm climate (unless you count the south of France)! I’d love to visit Rome, Milan, Bologna, Venice, Tuscany, Sicily.

5. Auschwitz-Birkenau


Not as cheerful as the others on this list, but probably the most important of them all. I feel like everyone should visit it once in their life just to see it first hand. To remember the horrors of the Holocaust and to ensure it’s never repeated again.

Annmarie xoxo


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