it’s the little things…

like a bus / tube arriving as soon as you reach the stop/station and there’s only one person in front of you in the queue.

like reading a book on a bus/tube as it whizzes you towards your destination.

like the sun winning its battle against the clouds and piercing through in December.

like a warm cup of tea hugging you after coming in from a windy walk.

like a clean desk, am empty floor and bin.

like putting up Christmas lights and adding a little sparkle to your room.

like scratching items off a to do list, long overdue.

like reconnecting with an old friend.

like payday!

and most of all Maria Mena’s new album is out today 😀 and guess who will be binge-listening to it for the whole of this weekend? That’ll be me.

I started my first CBT since being home on Wednesday, and am so far seeing the benefits!

Annmarie xoxo


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