Setting goals part two

Before the start of the new year I set myself a couple of goals. I thought if I created a roundup of how it’s gone each month it’ll help to keep me on track.

1. Learning French
So far on Duolingo I’ve completed four units. It has been quite hit and miss. But one thing I’ve noticed is that things are starting to click and I’m able to form sentences a lot easier than I did before. I’m currently on 86% on Lingvist. Just have to learn another 1162 words! Early on in the month, I took part in my first language exchange, it was terrifying! I was constantly running to a dictionary to fill in gaps in my vocabulary. But I’m glad I did it, I just need to find the courage to do so again. I’ve become obsessed with French music, listening to French radio stations and roaming through artists on Spotify singing along with the paroles I currently love Louane’s album Chambre 12 it’s my go to to listen to on the tube.

2. Read more
I spend at least two hours a day commuting on public transport, which gives me an opportunity to sit down and read. Especially as there’s no internet on the tube. In January I had read four books:

  • Starter For Ten – David Nicholls
  • The Hummingbird and the Bear – Nicholas Hogg
  • The Rosie Effect – Graeme Simsion
  • The Manifesto on How to be Interesting – Holly Bourn

Which currently puts me two books ahead of my challenge.

3. Exercise and diet
My diet is slowly improving. Watching Sugar Free Farm has made me very concious of how sugar-laden everything is now a days. We also got a combi microwave over Christmas which is making dinners easier. Have yet to grow a pair and go out for a run, in my defence the English weather has been shit, I have been doing FitnessBlender videos though.

4. This blog
urm…this is awkward…

5. Mental Health
I’ve now started the intensive sessions which have been really insightful and exhausting. There’s been a few hiccups, notably having the worst hangover ever in an attempt to complete my ‘homework’.

Annmarie xoxo


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