What’s in a name?

It’s funny how this is the daily prompt today, as I had to spell my name down the phone to a customer and confused the hell out of him because of the spelling.

Originally my parents were going to call me Billy, and I am so glad they didn’t (no offence anyone named Billy). My sister intervened and suggested Annmarie. I’ve only ever met one person who has shared the same name as me. Which is something I like, there’s no one else to mix me up with, compared to more common names.

Of course no one gets the spelling right first time, and there’s the awkward moments when I have to say ‘no e’ ‘no hyphen’ ‘one word’, which makes me feel a little like a diva. I remember in primary school someone spelt my name with a ‘d’ in my Christmas card. My name has been spelt wrong at my opticians for six years now, I still haven’t found a way to break it to them… My pet peeve is in emails when someone spells my name wrong, when they’ve either had to read my signature or my email address to see who they’re replying to in the first place!

I remember in I think it was year 8? in science I had a teacher who had a pretty difficult surname to pronounce, let alone spell. Now I used to get in trouble a lot for talking during class (but when you go to an inner London school, that’s pretty good behaviour on the spectrum of shit that happens). There was this one time he put mine and a friends name on the board and the smart arse that I was in year eight spoke back , telling him he wrote my name incorrectly on the board. Especially when he hated students spelling his name wrong – hypocrite, much? He didn’t see the humour in it….

I always liked when we had a proper French teacher (i.e. not an English person who knew French), because I loved the way they’d pronounce my name. Ann-mah-ree!

2005 was the year music tried to ruin my name. Amerie’s One Thing meant some people tried to pronounce my name the same way to sound cool, two problems – 1) I’m /[we’re] not American 2) where did the ‘n’s go?
The other was Peter Kay bring back Amerillo for Comic Relief

Another negative is that I can never find personalised things with my name on it. I remember growing up and there being pencils, headbands, pencil cases, posters, keyrings etc where you could get your name on it. Never found my name, closest I could get was buying an ‘Ann’ and a ‘Marie’ and having it separately. The latest kick in the teeth is when Coca Cola were doing the name campaign and you’d see loads of different names…never saw an Anne-Marie let alone Annmarie.

I don’t think I’ve ever considered renaming myself, it’s always been a thing I’ve liked about myself.

Annmarie xoxo


One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. This post is delightfully entertaining! I can relate to the spelling thing. There are so many ways to spell my name (Louanne, Luann, Louann…) and then there is the one or two words versions as well. My mom named me Luanne but I thought that looked funny and in the 3rd grade I started spelling it LuAnne – sort of a prelude to the PowerPoint, PhotoShop trend. Of course, that just mucks things up with the one or two words. It is fun, though to be unique, isn’t it, Annmarie.


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