Update: laptop surgery 

Just a bit of advice, do not buy a Lenovo G500, just don’t.

I had bought the laptop two years ago and the bugger had died on me last month. The hinge on the right side had broke, so everytime you lifted the lid up to use the laptop the hinge would push the casing over the keyboard/touch pad open. 

Annoying, but something I lived with for several month because PC World didn’t care as it was out of warranty. If you challenged them and asked how long you expect a decent laptop to last and they said longer than 2 years they still didn’t see the point I was trying to make.

So far my dad and I have put it through its first stage of surgery and used bolts to keep the hinge in place. All went well but another problem is the hinge kept lifting the powerjack cable and after months of wear and tear it decided it had had enough. On another note, who in their right mind thought a rectangular shaped adaptor would be sustainable on a laptop?! 

On another note the headphone jack has also gone. 

All in all I currently don’t have a laptop and so haven’t been able to blog lately. Yes I could use my phone, but even writing this was frustrating. No autocorrect, I meant bugger not bigger not butter, bugger. 

Luckily I got a job just before my laptop died as filling out job applications would have been interesting. 

Annmarie xoxo (idk how centre text on the phone app) 


7 thoughts on “Update: laptop surgery 

  1. The hinges break terribly and frequently in HP Pavillion laptops, too. Rather than risking destroying mine by trying to repair it, I’ve just left the laptop open to a certain angle for weeks where the side is not pried open as much. Sigh…technology… 🙂


    1. I’m glad you said that I was contemplating buy one to replace this laptop if we couldn’t fix it, I’ll bear that in mind in future. Yup technology! It’s really frustrating that things now a days aren’t build to last, manufacturers just presume you’ll want to constantly upgrade to their latest model.

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      1. I agree. I’ve been researching lately trying to decide how to replace my laptop as well. The problem with HP Pavilion is it gets too hot. The heat blows out right under the power button by the hinge, and the heat weakens the plastic in the hinge over time. I’ve loved this computer in all other respects, but only had it a couple of years before the hinge snapped. I was interested in getting one with a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a regular hard drive, but the price is inhibitive. SSDs don’t have tons of storage space, but they are supposed to be 3 times faster and not produce much heat at all.


      2. My friend has a HP and she’s been using a laptop cooling pad as her’s would get so hot it would cause the laptop to turn off. I know exactly what you mean, I spent ages researching laptop specs to find one that was perfect for my needs within my budget – this one. I didn’t realise I’d also have to research known faults with the model as well before buying it! I don’t understand how the hinges aren’t reinforced, it’s one of the main components used in a laptop. I know nothing about SSDs :S

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