Review: Starter for Ten – David Nicholls

Now I love gameshows, have always been a huge fan of them, still love flicking through Challenge to watch old gameshows. But one show I’ve never been able to get into is University Challenge. It’s one of those shows that makes me feel really stupid, and it’s an achievement if I can get one of the question right.

The book had me laughing throughout, mainly at Brian’s faux pas, especially when he’s around Alice’s parents. It also got me very reminiscent of my freshers year at University. From the parties in halls, to going to lectures and feeling like you’re completely stupid and wondered how you got there as you stare blankly at the slides not understanding a word of what the lecturer is talking about. I think he captured freshers really well. I couldn’t stand Alice though. I kept wanting to protect Brian from her knowing how the story was inevitable going to end for him. I loved Rebecca’s sass. The only negative was that I felt the ending was very abrupt.

I didn’t know that it was adapted into a film, until I started this review. Now of course I was going to watch it because…James McAvoy. 😉 It was really good, and I didn’t feel that the film ruined the book. Yes parts of it was missed out but it didn’t have a huge impact on the story. Although I’d say the film made Spencer into the main bad guy (excluding Patrick).

I give this four owls.


Annmarie xoxo


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