Spidey cakes 

Aunty duties requires teaching my nephew how to make Spiderman cupcakes. 

Annmarie xoxo


Thou shall have a fishy, on a little dishy

*Cue flashbacks to the Young’s advert*

I love how nowadays it’s still bright at half seven and we even were blessed with a blue sky today. Where am I? ‘Cause it clearly isn’t England!
One of the days of Easter I’ve never been too fond of is Good Friday. I HATE fish. My mum is adamant we eat fish on Good Friday (baring in mind we aren’t even religious!!). And I protest, and I complain, every year. What did I do this year when away from home? With no mum to force fish upon me.

Good Friday Meal

I made fish. I caved. Please don’t think of me any less, we all have moments of weakness.
I was in the supermarket and thought why not? I poached some smoked haddock in milk, accompanying it with some garlic mushrooms and this red pepper and mozzarella flatbread that was reduced (and big enough for two meals – double win). I have to admit it wasn’t painful, or horrible. Although the garlic mushrooms were on point (if I say so myself), and helped to bring the fish to life.

Happy Easter!
Annmarie xoxo

Triple Chocolate Cookies

I have no self control

I have constantly been craving chocolate all week, like really craving it. Possibly because I haven’t gone home this Easter and therefore missing my constantly supply of chocolate: mini eggs, Easter eggs, cream eggs. As well as the Easter egg mugs. Or it’s probably because it’s the forbidden food by my dentist while my wisdom tooth is having a rave in my mouth.

So I treated myself in the midst of journal reading and essay writing to make triple chocolate cookies! *drools*

Triple Chocolate Cookies You know when something is so bad, it’s good? I may have ate all eight in one sitting, serves six my arse!

Now if only I wasn’t such an old person who ate porridge for breakfast instead of corn flakes/rice crispies etc. and could have also made chocolate nests.

In other news, I was really lucky to not only get tickets to the Radio 1’s Big Weekend for Saturday, but also Sunday! 😀 After seven years of trying, I finally get to go one of their Big Weekends. Which happens to be occurring right next to our University as well. Couldn’t ask for a better way to finish my degree.

Happy Easter!
Annmarie xoxo

Chicken Garlic Noodles

I came across this Basic Garlic Noodles recipe and really wanted to make it.

I made a few changes, added some leftover chicken (Seasoned with chicken seasoning/all purpose seasoning / thyme / mixed herbs), babycorn, and used chestnut mushrooms (personal preference). I had never heard of Tamari, so added soy sauce instead. Then to finish it off some plum tomatoes and black pepper.

If I’m honest I was expecting it to taste quite bland with just the overpowering taste of garlic. But it was so yummy, there was enough garlic that it wasn’t overpowering, the chicken added extra flavour.

Good thing I had seconds for the next night!


Annmarie xoxo

I did promise cake

Had to use up some double cream, so I whipped up some little cupcakes, and yes I could have taken a more flattering photo.

Because I’m still in serious Annmarie mode (can the 14th January come any quicker) hell June. I read this article earlier and as condescending as the tone is written, you can’t deny how truthful it is.

I’m talking about skills that cannot be taught in a classroom or in a textbook. Skills you can only learn by doing; by learning how to fly after jumping off the cliff.

Although I’m a full-time student, one thing I’ve realised throughout the last five years is that I hate the way we learn. Textbooks, being talked at, jumping through hoops to pass exams. I don’t learn like that, of course to do well I jump through the hoops, but I don’t feel like I gain anything. In fact I’m finding it harder to motivate myself to carry on like that. I learn by actually doing things, or being in the environment to see it for myself.

Because you think everything is too hard or too complicated so you will just “sit this one out”, or maybe you’ll, “do-it-tomorrow”!

This is a thought that is currently singing like a broken record in my head. But in truth trying something even though it’s hard or complicated is better than not doing it at all. At least attempting it you can fail, and by failing you can learn what went wrong and grow. It is the main reason right now why I won’t do anything amazing with my life – as the article title puts it.

Because even if I told you everything could be different tomorrow you would wait until then to begin doing anything about it.

Another hard truth.

In the words of Rocky –

In other news, I’m applying for some part time jobs because I’m going stir-crazy being unemployed after 3 weeks!!!

Plus I’m thinking of dying my hair tomorrow eeek! I just hope it doesn’t kill my curls 😦

Annmarie xoxo

World’s Best Diet

No, this is not me proclaiming to have the best diet. Last night I watched Worlds Best Diet (Watch on 4oD)being an avid viewer of Food Unwrapped I was sad enough to put this in my diary so I would remember it was on TV.

I did wish the show was a little longer, so we could see a typical weekly shop from each country. I wasn’t particularly surprised to see the USA or the UK near the lower half of the list, nor France, Scandinavia, South Korea or the Mediterranean diets at the top. There were some countries such as the Marshall Islands, I never expected them to have a bad diet, assuming they were still relying on their native diet of generally local produce. Saddened that they now relying on exports of shit, well highly processed food – but you might as well call it shit.

It got me thinking as I went for my weekly shop today, what exactly do I put in my trolley? I tried to keep it to only fresh produce. Surprisingly I ended up spending less money that I usually do, however not everything was fresh: a jar of red thai curry, tin of chopped tomatoes, and this:


I couldn’t help myself! It was limited edition and tastes really nice. But I’m learning everything in moderation – a couple of cubes instead of half of a bar in one day. I’ve taken little steps, having a punnet of grapes in my room so whenever I’m peckish I can graze on those instead of crisps or chocolate (I know I just posted that picture!).

It also has me thinking about our whole eating culture compared to the French. Just yesterday I skipped my lunch break and scoffed down my food in a few minutes at my desk whilst working. I mean usually I’ll go down to the canteen, but was in a meeting. Why do we consider lunchtimes as a small break during the working day, suitable to miss sometimes, and not a whole different affair? A chance to get away from the desk, sit down and have a nice meal, or time to go for a stroll?

Annmarie xoxo