Love yourself paper cutting


Had the sudden urge to make a paper cutting.

Annmarie xoxo

C25K – Week 1, day 1

My friend and I were talking about doing the Color Run  (it really pains me that the ‘u’ is missing) in June. I feel like I need to get my arse into gear before then, so I can keep up. Over the last few months I have tried to get back into running, however I lacked the structure. I would go out and run for 10 minutes, then want to die and kept hitting the same wall each time. Plus my anxiety kept playing up and made it hard to keep my breathing steady.

So I put in my sexy secondary orthotics, as I have metatarsalgia/ flat feet and my primary ones are made out of hard plastic so these are more cushiony when pounding the pavements.


When I first started the insoles were digging into my arch making it quite uncomfortable to run. I also had a problem where I didn’t realise the app I was using would just ping when it’s time to run/walk, so I missed most of the first minute run by accident. During my fourth minute run, something in my body clicked and I started to enjoy the runs and it felt comfortable like when I used to run properly. My pace probably has to drop to survive week 2 though. It started to spit at the end which was welcoming.


Annmarie xoxo

Review: The Rosie Effect

I had originally read the first in the series The Rosie Project. I had loved it and was happy to hear there was a sequel.

Except part of me wishes I didn’t read the second book. It ruined the happiness I felt for the first book and Don and Rosie’s relationship. I loved Don as a character, although he has his flaws (and he has many), I just wanted to take him under my wing as he tried to salvage his marriage and tried his hardest in his own way to fulfil the baby project.

There were still brilliant scenes in which Don gets himself in trouble by just being himself as usual. But this time it felt like the humour was lacking. It was also hard to like Rosie because of her behaviour. It’s a shame she was made into the raging hormonal crazy pregnant lady.

Overall it wasn’t an awful book, but because I loved the first one so much, my expectations were a little too high for the sequel which led to disappointment. It was nice to revisit their lives a couple of years later (for me, not them) and I enjoyed the ending. I just can’t decide whether ignorance really is bliss in this case…so three owls.


Annmarie xoxo


I downloaded Paint Tool Sai and was mucking about to try and work out how you actually use the programme and tried (emphasis on tried) to create a galaxy.


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Review: Hummingbird and the Bear – Nicholas Hogg

I originally picked this book up at a charity shop a couple of years back, but have only gotten around to reading it now.

I think the main reason I didn’t feel comfortable about this book was because it was based on adultery. It was only at the end of the book did I feel bad for everyone, well nearly everyone, but mostly Jenni. It wasn’t the ending I was expecting, so I have to hand it to Hogg for that.

I did think it was written well, and I loved that the chapters were short as I often read on my commutes into/out of work, so it’s always annoying when I have to get off the tube and I’m midway through a chapter, or worse – a page. Even though I disagreed with the book morally, the way it was written did keep me gripped and interested until the end.

I give it two owls.


Annmarie xoxo

Setting goals part four

1. Learning French
I’ve finished seven units on Duolingo and have learnt around 250 more new words on Lingvist. I need to get back in the habit of doing both daily, and re-gilding my tree on Duolingo.

2. Read more
Half way through the month I was a little worried that I would only have read two books for the month, as one was a bit chunky. But starting the Hunger Games series helped bump up the number. I know I’m late to the party. This month I read the following:

  • Paper Towns – John Green
  • A God in Ruins – Kate Atkinson
  • The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
  • Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

This put me five books ahead of schedule for my challenge for the year.

3. Exercise and Diet
My diet for the latter part of the month has been controlled by my doctor, restricting diary, gluten and food high in fructose etc. Which was originally painful noting how many different fruits and veg that I usually eat, are now barred. But it’s starting to become second nature, it’s meant for lunchtimes I can no longer just rely on the usual of a sandwich or pasta (gluten free pasta, is just wrong). Exercise wise, ran a few times, just need to get into a pattern.

4. This blog
Photo 101 helped get me back into the swing of blogging. I had to stop nearer the end as I’ve started a new job and commuting four hours in total a day  was causing me to just collapse onto the sofa each day. But I’m glad people liked my photography, I’ll bear that in mind.

5. Mental Health
I’m nearing the end of my CBT sessions, and if I’m honest I’m pretty scared. I’ve gotten used to having that weekly safety net and motivation.

Last months updates

Annmarie xoxo

Review: Starter for Ten – David Nicholls

Now I love gameshows, have always been a huge fan of them, still love flicking through Challenge to watch old gameshows. But one show I’ve never been able to get into is University Challenge. It’s one of those shows that makes me feel really stupid, and it’s an achievement if I can get one of the question right.

The book had me laughing throughout, mainly at Brian’s faux pas, especially when he’s around Alice’s parents. It also got me very reminiscent of my freshers year at University. From the parties in halls, to going to lectures and feeling like you’re completely stupid and wondered how you got there as you stare blankly at the slides not understanding a word of what the lecturer is talking about. I think he captured freshers really well. I couldn’t stand Alice though. I kept wanting to protect Brian from her knowing how the story was inevitable going to end for him. I loved Rebecca’s sass. The only negative was that I felt the ending was very abrupt.

I didn’t know that it was adapted into a film, until I started this review. Now of course I was going to watch it because…James McAvoy. 😉 It was really good, and I didn’t feel that the film ruined the book. Yes parts of it was missed out but it didn’t have a huge impact on the story. Although I’d say the film made Spencer into the main bad guy (excluding Patrick).

I give this four owls.


Annmarie xoxo