Favourite(ish) place

I wouldn’t necessarily say this place is my favourite, but it’s a great escape from work. Watching the birds squabble over bread, sitting under the trees reading a book, going for a walk. …contemplating whether I can stay there and never go back to work.


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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of graceful is birds. If only I had an ounce of elegance or poise that birds possess.


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Natural World

My degree was in Environmental Earth Sciences…so I may dabble into the nature sometimes 😉IMG_1484.JPG


Overkill? Probably

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Water – The Norfolk Broads!


Didn’t feel like taking even more pictures in the rain today, so it’s a throwback…Wednesday? To this spring at Hickling Broad.

Before University, I hadn’t even heard of the broads before, when I thought of water I immediately thought the sea. I mean after all the UK is an island, we’re surrounded by it. It wasn’t until last year though that I fell in love with The Broads, and their beautiful windmills that were dotted around the flat landscapes, which open up to big blue skies.

This is one of the few spots along Hickling Broad that isn’t covered completely in reeds (due to the bird hide adjacent to where I was standing), so you get to have a clear view of the Broad, boats and birds (all the B’s!).


Even though it was originally a man-made site, for once man has done some good to the environment!

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Escape to the country

Does that programme still exist?

You know when all signs point towards it being a bad day? The early start, the spider that invades your privacy, the three petrol stations it took to just put some air in your tyres, the rain starting to hit the windscreen when you’re going to be outside the whole day.

Then those signs are wrong.

I don't think I'll ever have enough pictures of Cley windmill, or any windmill in fact
I don’t think I’ll ever have enough pictures of Cley windmill, or any windmill in fact

The weather is beautiful up on the coast, no need for a coat or any indication that we’ve just stepped into November. The unexpected amount of respondents for my data collection. The friendly strangers who wish you well. The elegant sequence of Starlings dancing along the sky.

It was nice to give my car a good run, instead of the short little trips it has been used for lately. It kinda mirrors my need to run free from Norwich from time-to-time now that I know what is out there in Norfolk!

To finish a long day of data collection we topped it off with some local homemade ice cream. Which was on par with Ben & Jerry’s would definitely get some again! Let’s hope the rest of November is like this (who am I kidding it’s England it’s gonna piss it down, and today was probably next years summer come early).

20141101-231117-83477633.jpgAnnmarie xoxo

Daily prompt: Meet Diablo!

Have you ever named an inanimate object? (Your car? Your laptop? The volleyball that kept you company while you were stranded in the ocean?) Share the story of at least one object with which you’re on a first-name basis. – daily prompt

I’ve never really felt the need to name an inanimate object before, I remember when it was the craze to name your iPod (yeah, cause I had one of those as a kid). But when I bought my car I really wanted to give it a name, it felt rude not to. Especially after the abuse I put him through with my constant singing, and the time I drove my near passenger wheel into a ditch and broke my fog light and mud guard, which the former flew off on the A47 afterwards and the latter I had to drive back to collect looking like a crazy person umming and ahhing to decide if it indeed was mine – it was.

Deciding a name was hard, it was like naming a baby. I had to choose wisely because he would forever been known as that name. Yes I had already decided my car was a boy. In the end he was named Diablo because that was the colour red he was on the papers. Plus as it means devil in Spanish, he is also a devil to drive sometimes as I’m a tiny person and not used to having a huge spatial awareness and parking him is sometimes a nightmare.

I’ve been on some great adventures with Diablo over the last year. Including the many times I’ve been on rural roads and just had birds stand there, not giving one single care. Reving my engine did nothing, nor hooting. Birds are cocky things sometimes.


But mainly been able to explore parts of Norwich I hadn’t seen in the previous 2 years, and parts of Norfolk I would have never known about.

Overall he’s my life line, and I love him…even if petrol, insurance and tax so far have eaten all my money. But hey that’s adulthood for you isn’t it?

Annmarie xoxo