100 Year Old Drivers

I’ve lately gone off binge watching TV, as I haven’t found any good new shows. However last night I found the difficult decision of Great British Bake Off or 100 year old drivers #firstworldbritshproblems.

So in the end I recorded 100 year old drivers and watched GBBO live, how else can you avoid spoilers?!

For those in the UK who weren’t able to see it here’s the link to it on ITV player. If you do watch it, don’t read below until the end because *spoilers*. 

I guess to answer the bigger question, I do think that there should be tests once you reach say 75 and then every so often. But that is not to say that once you reach that age bracket you’re then classed as an unfit driver. The amount of people of all ages who I’ve witness being complete arseholes on the road prove that. Also I disagree with the one guy who said that they could have a stroke or a heart attack behind the wheel – anyone of any age could.

The 99 year old who took his wife to the seaside for a date was so adorable – that’s your definition of true love! Then the guy who was 93 (I think) and had an exercise routine that meant he was fitter than most 20 year olds I know (probably myself included). I was so petrified when the guy got on the motorbike and bombed the first corner. I thought he was going to injure himself, it was so scary to watch.

I was surprised to see so many people of that age driving, I did naively think that once they reached a certain age they’d packed it in. It showed you how empowering driving was to these people, without it to quote one of the people “If I stop driving now I’ll become a vegetarian. I’d vegetate in my own home”. One wouldn’t be able to see their wife in a residential home. Plus you could even go as far to ask if they would still be alive now if they weren’t able to drive and lost a lot of their independence. As driving isn’t just getting from A to B.

Overall it was a really great programme and was actually better than GBBO and its cornucopia of innuendos and food.

Annmarie xoxo