Favourite(ish) place

I wouldn’t necessarily say this place is my favourite, but it’s a great escape from work. Watching the birds squabble over bread, sitting under the trees reading a book, going for a walk. …contemplating whether I can stay there and never go back to work.


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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of graceful is birds. If only I had an ounce of elegance or poise that birds possess.


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Natural World

My degree was in Environmental Earth Sciences…so I may dabble into the nature sometimes 😉IMG_1484.JPG


Overkill? Probably

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Bliss II

For me bliss is being surrounded by nature. I love going for walks, exploring areas focusing on details in the landscape. I find it relaxing being outside.

Southrepps Common, Norfolk
Wroxham, Norfolk

Derelict boats, in Blakeney, Norfolk


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Wordless Wednesday – perks of work 

One of the little perks of my job is stumbling across things such as this in Claygate, Surrey.

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the fog monster

Fog in Surrey
I love autumn, the crisp cold mornings, the leaves start to change and foggy mornings hug the landscapes. Pulling out the coats, gloves, scarves and boots after summer (unless you live in the UK, where summer lasts a day). The perfect excuse to warm up with a hot chocolate – and don’t forget the marshmallows!

Growing up across a woodlands, I loved standing at the opposite bus stop on a foggy morning.  Where your view was restricted to the first row of trees. Everything beyond was a mystery, allowing you to forget you were in London. Those cold days where the fog would have barely lifted by the time you returned from school. It was that woodland that originally made me interested in the environment.

It was that image I painted during an interview when the lecturer interviewing me asked how someone from London wanted to study an Environmental degree. I may have gotten a little carried away during said story and admitted I used to call it the fog monster. And as I got an offer, I would totally call that nailing an interview 😉

I may have been more interested in the fog outside this morning on a train to Surrey than the book I was reading.

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Bridges act as connections overcoming obstacles, allowing you to explore areas that may have not been possible previously. It’s funny I love the look of bridges, but with my fear of heights and deep water, some bridges just make me queasy!

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