Setting goals part II

Technically writing this in 2017… but let’s ignore that technicality.

At the end of 2015, I set myself five goals to work on throughout 2016. I was expecting to achieve roughly 70-80% of the below, so I think I’ve done pretty well. It wasn’t until I was gathering all the evidence for this post did I realise how many mini victories I had over the year. I guess it’s very easy to lose sight of them.

I definitely want to stick with these goals, and continue to progress with them during 2017.

1. Apprendre le francais
I completed the reverse tree on Duolingo (French > English). For Duolingo I reached 89%. Although I did have the following message pop up in August. I haven’t completed the drill books, however I have been more immersive in my learning, listening to French radio stations / TV programmes / podcasts

Goals for 2017: Communicate more in French, getting more involved in language exchanges, practising translations. Possibly taking a French class?

2. Read more
I completed my challenge of completing 23 books, and then exceeded it by reading an additional seven books! Reading a total of 11,689 pages.

Starter For Ten – David Nicholls
Hummingbird and the Bear – Nicholas Hogg
The Rosie Effect – Graeme Simsion
The Manifesto on How to be Interesting – Holly Bourne

The Girl with All the Gifts – M. R. Carey
The Two of Us – Andy Jones
A Man Lies Dreaming – Lavie Tidhar

Paper Towns – John Green
A God in Ruins – Kate Atkinson
The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins
The Program – Suzanne Young
The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

The Versions of Us – Laura Barnett
Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – Rachel Joye

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins
Perfect – Rachel Joyce

Room – Emma Donoghue
Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway – Susan Jeffers

It’s Kind of a Funny Story – Ned Vizzini
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – John Tiffany
Somewhere Inside of Happy – Anna McPartlin

Before I go to Sleep – S. J. Watson

The Kind Worth Killing – Peter Swanson

The Life of Pi – Yann Martel

The Loney – Andrew Michael Hurley
Hitman Anders and the Meaning of it all – Jonas Jonasson

Goals for 2017: I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 26 books, whereby the author’s surname of each book has to start with a different letter of the alphabet. With the added rule of not being able to purchase any additional books to complete the challenge.

3. Exercise and diet
My diet has had it’s ups and downs this year, but as we have progressed through the year it has gotten considerably worse. Exercise wise, I have been running since February. It wasn’t until I restarted the Couch 2 5K programme that running became a routine. Once I came back from holiday, I started to slack a little on going to the gym. But when I did go I was pushing myself and was able to complete little goals such as rowing 2k within 10mins at a resistance of 10. Something I have been trying to do for the last few years.

Goals for 2017: Join the local parkrun, I have been putting this off a while but now I can run 5k I have run out suitable excuses. Try several fitness classes, join a local sports club, get back into pilates. Avoid junk/processed food.

4. This blog
Awkward….same story, different year.

Goal for 2017Break the bloody broken record.

5. Mental health
I honestly feel like I am in a much better place mentally than I was this time last year. I still have a lot to overcome or improve, but I have done things this year that I wouldn’t have imagined of doing (travelling – posts to come, promise!). I had a really useful block of CBT earlier in the year and I’m slowly reducing my medication. Exercise has definitely been a great replacement, and having my lunch breaks surrounded nature.

Goals for 2017: I want to continue with the exposure therapy. This year I want to take it to the next level and throw myself into my idea of hell or things that I wish I could do/were doing but currently can’t imagine myself ever doing.

6. Getting arty farty
New goal for 2017! Over the last few months of 2016 I have been practising hand lettering and drawing. I’ve found it very therapeutic and have loved firing the creative cylinders in my brain that were collecting dust. I’m hoping to continue this through 2017 and showing some of the work on here.

Annmarie xoxo


Ch ch ch ch changes

…For 2015
I didn’t want to ruin the title, as that gem of a song popped into my head!

Now I know in a very recent post I said New Years resolutions are pointless, and I still stand by that. I’m not going to start a new fad or vow to remove xyz from my life, just because it’s a new calendar year – there’s no actual motivation behind that, at least for me personally.

However I do feel you can’t completely grow without having goals in mind. That’s what I plan to do in 2015, either continue to grow premature habits or bring back things that recently I’ve noticed are missing in my life. All in the name of self care / CBT homework!

1. Complete 5 year Q&A diary.
First of all, who’s the idiot that left the book 100miles away? It’s something I saw when buying a new journal. I really want to fill it out to see how my mentality changes over the 5 years. To look back and reflect upon.20141231-235645-862053622

2. Read 23 books…without spending any money.
Unfortunately I didn’t meet my Goodreads target for this year (probably didn’t help that I set it up in May) but want to actually achieve it next year. I found I was either given books or bought many this year that I haven’t gotten around to reading. I hope that by challenging myself to achieve that number without spending money will mean I can get through that list. But also, more importantly save money because I’m a poor student! Why 23? Because that’s how old I’ll be at the end of 2015 (oh god, I’m getting closer to 30).

IMG_07653. Meditate more often / have more me time!
Over the last few months I’ve realised that I always put myself last, even if it means sacrificing time to help others out I’d do it, because that was how I was raised. The sad thing is I’ve realised those around me do the opposite, and then I wonder why I’m so behind compared to others, or look back at friendships and realise I was just a doormat. So this year I’ve decided to make time for myself, even if it’s just to relax and put my wellbeing first.20141231-235642-862027244. Increase emotional awareness
I’ve always been pretty pessimistic, but more and more over the past year I’ve realised how much of a drain this has been. How my own thoughts have held me back. For the last few weeks whenever I’ve had a negative thought I’ve written it down and made it into an origami heart. The idea is everytime I fill a jar I burn it…or recycle it.

Happy new year!
Annmarie xoxo