The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of graceful is birds. If only I had an ounce of elegance or poise that birds possess.


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Lake Lucerne – Ambience

Whilst in Lucerne, Switzerland I was fortunate enough to go on a boat ride during dusk and the views were beautiful.


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Solitude II


For me solitude is getting away from normal life, escaping the urban jungle.

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Water II


Home today ill, so I couldn’t leave the house. Had I gone to work I’d have been in the docklands which would have been perfect for today’s theme.

So instead you have my kitchen sink!

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Home II

I really enjoyed doing Photography 101 last time, so I signed up to it again. Luckily we fixed my laptop just in time!


This is my view every night just before bed as I read a book to relax.

Since my last attempt I have moved back home. My room is no longer a capsule of my life at 18. I rearranged my room, donated things I no longer needed and added furniture creating this new backdrop photographed.

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Bounded by the Sea

One of the most obvious characteristics of the UK (and Ireland) is that we’re an island nation, surrounded by the sea. I’ve always loved the coast, the transition between land and sea. The waves lapping up the beach, the salty smell of the air. The sound of seagulls…as long as they’re no where near your food. The mandatory purchase of seaside rock to prove that you had been to a seaside town. The waves act as a natural metronome, if you’re ever feeling anxious. Building sandcastles, and getting sand stuck in between your toes, or trying to get anywhere on shingle beaches.

But there’s also the darker side to being bounded by the sea – coastal erosion. The waves are continuously re-shaping the coastline, affecting settlements, tourism and ecosystems. And man is always trying to get the upper hand and mange it as much as it can.

All photos taken along the Norfolk (Eastern England) coastline: Mundesley, Sea Palling, Happisburgh, Cromer, Sheringham, Holme-Next-The-Sea.

In response to the weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

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the fog monster

Fog in Surrey
I love autumn, the crisp cold mornings, the leaves start to change and foggy mornings hug the landscapes. Pulling out the coats, gloves, scarves and boots after summer (unless you live in the UK, where summer lasts a day). The perfect excuse to warm up with a hot chocolate – and don’t forget the marshmallows!

Growing up across a woodlands, I loved standing at the opposite bus stop on a foggy morning.  Where your view was restricted to the first row of trees. Everything beyond was a mystery, allowing you to forget you were in London. Those cold days where the fog would have barely lifted by the time you returned from school. It was that woodland that originally made me interested in the environment.

It was that image I painted during an interview when the lecturer interviewing me asked how someone from London wanted to study an Environmental degree. I may have gotten a little carried away during said story and admitted I used to call it the fog monster. And as I got an offer, I would totally call that nailing an interview 😉

I may have been more interested in the fog outside this morning on a train to Surrey than the book I was reading.

Annmarie xoxo