fly with me – watercolour

At school I did GCSE and A Level Art. Although less challenging academically (of which people are always quick to me mention) compared to all my subjects it was the one that caused the most stress having to do complete such a large workload just to receive a decent grade. I could write a Geography essay in 2 hours and get an A*/A…completing something for Art in 2 hours – you’re having a laugh!

Painting wasn’t my forte, I was waaaaay better at pencil/pen drawings, mixed media, photography or digital art. Couldn’t / can’t paint to save my life! *tries to remember password to old deviant account*: The final four are from my A2 coursework based on the theme of ‘decay and discarded’ or as I like to call it How can I justify taking A-Level Art whilst wanting to do a Physical Geography degree? I’ve just had the sudden realisation that some of these are 6/7 years old.

But now with University over, I’ve been wanting to learn how to paint so I grabbed a cheap sketchbook. One thing I loved about a good summers day (i.e. one where there is SUN) at Uni would be that you’d often see hot air balloons flying over campus.

I’ve realised that from watching YouTube tutorials, having watercolour paper makes a whole lot of a difference! But that’s what you get for spending 75p on a sketchbook. It’s refreshing to do something that doesn’t involve any form of technology.

Annmarie xoxo