Street II


I’m cheating a little here.

This was taken along a Roman road near Hockham, Norfolk. I loved the contrast between the pine plantation on one side and the deciduous on the other. The light hitting the trunks and bracken on the right. Although I’m a city girl, and will always be one, I think a natural street/road, will always grab my attention more than an urban one.

My last attempt was Elm Hill, in Norwich.

Annmarie xoxo


Home II

I really enjoyed doing Photography 101 last time, so I signed up to it again. Luckily we fixed my laptop just in time!


This is my view every night just before bed as I read a book to relax.

Since my last attempt I have moved back home. My room is no longer a capsule of my life at 18. I rearranged my room, donated things I no longer needed and added furniture creating this new backdrop photographed.

Annmarie xoxo



Bridges act as connections overcoming obstacles, allowing you to explore areas that may have not been possible previously. It’s funny I love the look of bridges, but with my fear of heights and deep water, some bridges just make me queasy!

Annmarie xoxo

Solitude – Norwich’s Big Boom!


I’ve always loved fireworks, after Christmas, bonfire night is my favourite event of the year. As a kid being up on the 5th floor of a flat meant I could see the coverage of fireworks for miles in London without leaving my bedroom windowsill. That’s one of the biggest cons of moving away from my childhood home.

Tonight was Norwich’s big boom, a free fireworks show held at the Castle. I went for the first time last year (as had a colleague not mentioned it, I wouldn’t have known), I was surprised at how good of a show it was, and there was no cost attached. How in sync the fireworks were with the music.

When taking photos with my camera, there was a little girl standing in front of me blocking the left side of my view, which was a bit of a shame until I realised it could work for today’s assignment!


Have to agree with the whole Guy Fawkes was the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions!

Annmarie xoxo

Blissful landscapes

It sounds really bad when the thing I think of immediatly as ‘bliss’ isn’t related to a human isn’t it?

Holme Nature Reserve (NWT) along the Norfolk Coast Path
Holme Nature Reserve (NWT) along the Norfolk Coast Path
Pine plantations in Thompson, Norfolk along the Peddars Way (originally a Roman road)
Pine plantations in Thompson, Norfolk along the Peddars Way (originally a Roman road)

To me I’ve always found landscapes to be the epitome of peace, be it near the sea with the waves acting as a natural metronome or in a woods with the birds singing away. I’ve always found that nature has a calming effect…except spiders, you’re not wanted in my bliss spiders.

Annmarie xoxo

Water – The Norfolk Broads!


Didn’t feel like taking even more pictures in the rain today, so it’s a throwback…Wednesday? To this spring at Hickling Broad.

Before University, I hadn’t even heard of the broads before, when I thought of water I immediately thought the sea. I mean after all the UK is an island, we’re surrounded by it. It wasn’t until last year though that I fell in love with The Broads, and their beautiful windmills that were dotted around the flat landscapes, which open up to big blue skies.

This is one of the few spots along Hickling Broad that isn’t covered completely in reeds (due to the bird hide adjacent to where I was standing), so you get to have a clear view of the Broad, boats and birds (all the B’s!).


Even though it was originally a man-made site, for once man has done some good to the environment!

Annmarie xoxo



To kick off this course, let’s introduce ourselves, share an image that means home, and get to know our cameras

Home is hard to describe when you move house every year. I mean there’s always my parents house, my permanent home. But since being away at Uni it feels whenever I’m home, I’m transported back to 18 year old me. My room hasn’t changed it feels like a time capsule of 18 year old me. The whiteboard still has my UCAS offer letters stuck to it, a train timetable for 2010/11, the carpet is full of paint from A2 Art.

Now a days ‘home’ to me is comfort. The little comforts that are constant in my life, a warm duvet, a good book to read, a place where I feel like I can be a 100% myself without worry or judgement. Home is less a physical place and more a collection of things that define me.

Annmarie xoxo