Wordless Wednesday – perks of work 

One of the little perks of my job is stumbling across things such as this in Claygate, Surrey.

Annmarie xoxo


typical brit talking about the weather

This morning was the first chilly autumn morning (well the first one I’ve been awake for). There’s something about being awake for the sun rising, which is a lot easier during autumn/winter! Although I guess I usually would see the sun rise in the summer when I was at uni burning the midnight oil and going to sleep when the birds are starting to chirp away.

Surprisingly after my rant/panic last week about becoming an early bird, waking up at four in the morning hasn’t been that bad. Driving at six in the morning to different sideroads however, has been a case of:

*sat nav saying to turn onto side road in x amount of yards*
*starts to glance in that direction to see an opening*
ooo sideroad
nope someones driveway
ok….sideroad now?
nope another driveway
ok that’s gotta be the sideroad
nope just more driveways!!!
*suddenly sees opening to sideroad*
shiiiiiit braaaaaake!!!!
phew, just about saved that!

And then as you drive home in the daylight you notice how easy the road layout is…when you can see it.

You can probably tell in a bid to stick to BEDO and also think of something to write in 10 minutes before bed, I am really scraping the barrel.

Annmarie xoxo

Express yourself

My favourite way of expressing myself is through art: doodling, drawing, illustrating and photography. Whenever I’m inspired it’s usually through music or everyday life, getting the creative juices flowing to produce something entirely random! I also find the best time to do it is past midnight well into the early morning.

is that why I’m lacking ideas because I’m waking up at 4am and not going to bed at that time?

I guess as I’m writing a blog, I express myself through the written word as well. Except I don’t really class myself as a writer of any sort. I literally write as I think…which works 9 times out of 10. I don’t have any natural flair to it, English was my worst subject at GCSE (ok I got an A and B, but the B was my lowest grade!). But there’s something about unloading your thoughts onto a page that is very therapeutic.

Annmarie xoxo

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.”

Noughts and Crosses series – Malorie Blackman

As well as Harry Potter, the Noughts and Crosses series was my favourite books growing up. I remember my best friend at the time reading the first book when we were 11 and wanting to eagerly read it too, so went to the bookshop and used my book tokens to purchase not only the first book but all three (talk about a risky investment!).

I was immediately hooked on Sephy and Callum’s story. Set in a dystopian universe, with history reversed – crosses (blacks) ruling society and noughts (whites) previously enslaved. There was something that really struck me about these books. It was the first very real teenage book I had read. Although it was a story predominately about love, there was also: racism, discrimination, hate, terrorism, politics, gangs/postcode wars (something you used to hear a lot about in London when I was a kid), and addiction.

One reason for this is:

Do I feel this is appropriate subject matter for Young Adults? Yes, I most certainly do. The assertion by some individuals that ignorance in our children and young adults is preferable to knowledge and debate is astounding, not to mention frightening. No, I’m not saying that anything goes when it comes to children. Stories have to be age appropriate. This is not so much a question of subject matter but a question of how a particular story is told.

Malorie Blackman

All the characters were really powerful, but flawed, like humans are and their lives were complex with actions neither black or white just vast fields of grey. Just as real life is like. Though there were obviously evil characters (Jude), for some reason, you can’t help but pity him. Knowing society is complicated and by continuously being let down since a child by those in power, its no wonder he becomes the person he is.

The character that resonated with me the most was Callie-Rose. Being mixed race myself, I know what it feels like to be both black and white, and neither at the same time. I remember growing up you’d get stupid questions such as ‘if you had to choose a line to be under black or white, which one?’ and not having an answer because I didn’t classify myself as more of one than the other. There isn’t a line down the middle of me that separates the two races, nor am I a zebra. My school friends used to mock me (friendly banter) as I tick the ‘other’ ‘other mixed-race’ box whenever a form asks that question. But I like it, it adds a bit of mystery to me, it also makes me more unique!

One thing I always wonder is how different my life would be if Noughts and Crosses was real (I know, racism hasn’t been abolished and is still very real). In the 22 years of my life (nearly 23), I’ve only had one racist remark thrown at me. Although it shouldn’t have offended me as I’m not even of that race, I was still taken back by it.

Even though it’s been 11 years since I first read these books, they’ve still stuck with me.

Annmarie xoxo

Mask time

In a bid to get my nephew away from screens and games and back to reality, we’re making Halloween masks, so he can get a little arty farty…only one problem, he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty.

Step 1 – paper mache balloons!

Annmarie xoxo

The early bird can have the worm!

I’m a night owl, but for some very logical reason (the non-logical part of my brain that is currently comfy under the duvet disagrees) I have decided to do the morning shifts at work, and need to be up at 4am from next week.

I honestly have no idea how I’m going to do this! I can go to bed at 4am easily, I can write essays and be creative at 4am. My brain can’t wake up at 4am. How do I trick my brain? I’m going to have to have the same bedtime I had when I was in primary school.

Annmarie xoxo

kids are too energetic!

So today I finally plucked up the courage to attend these beginner sessions at my local Korfball club after enjoying it at Uni. However there were only two adults (myself included) who turned up, so we had some of the youth join us to make up the numbers. And boy can they run!! They definitely tired me out within the first 10 minutes. My poor feet couldn’t keep up.

Why do kids move so quickly?

Annmarie xoxo