About me?

Seals at Horsey, Norfolk

My name is Annmarie, I’m a 23 year old from London, currently trying to find my feet in the real world after recently graduating.

I have unruly curly hair, that does it’s own thing (because I’m lazy), but wouldn’t dare change it, it’s part of my identity.

I spend a little too much time in the fictitious world, reading books and watching TV. Laughing, crying and being on edge at non-existent characters. But to quote George R. R. Martin – ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies […] The man who never reads, lives only one’.

My favourite colour is blue, but I have this obsession with yellow objects. They’re so bright and jolly, I like to collect them. I also have a thing for collecting nail varnishes, I must have ALL THE COLOURS!!!

I cheat often on my bed with life, although on a cold winters morning it’s plea of soft pillows/cushions and a warm duvet is very hard to not give into.

I’m one of those people who if left to drive alone will blast their radio and sing along, no matter how quick the journey is.

Give me a choice between cake or a fruit salad both of my choosing I would 99% of the time go for the fruit. Especially if there’s pineapple…or strawberries…or mango…or apricots. *drools*

To contact me:

Email DreamAndFlutter@gmail.com


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